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Site-licensed Software Campus Repository
IMPORTANT: Most site-licensed software is now being distributed from an SMB compliant file server. To locate and install the available software navigate to the following location from an Active Directory joined computer:


Refer to the IT Handbook for complete details on the campus repository.

Site-licensed Software Available Here
This location contains some software that is site-licensed and only available to people with an Iowa State Net-ID. This software will have a "Site-License" document in the "Read" column. Downloading and installing any of the site-licensed software packages constitutes acceptance of the terms and conditions of the appropriate software's Site-License Agreement.

Current Software

CURRENT software may be useful to all users.

Software Download OS Read
about Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client Vista/Windows7 Install Guide Site-License
about KeePass Vista/Windows7 ReadMe  License
about Microsoft Security Essentials (For personally owned computers) Vista/Windows7 Install Notes  License
about Microsoft Forefront Endpoint Protection (For Univeristy-owned computers) Info Only Vista/Windows7  Install Notes  Site-License

Advanced Software

ADVANCED software may not be useful to all users. New versions of CURRENT software being tested for production status may also appear here.

Software Download OS Read

Mature Software

MATURE software has previous versions retained for systems that cannot run CURRENT software. Use CURRENT or ADVANCED software if at all possible.

Software Download OS Read
about Secure Shell (SSH) Info Only Vista/Windows7 ReadMe

Other Software

OTHER software is useful to only a limited number of users. It may also include software that is "end-of-life".

Software Download OS Read
about Active Directory Enumerator (ADE) Info Only Vista/Windows7 Site-License
about IBM DB2 Runtime Client Info Only Vista/Windows7 Site-License
about Microsoft Lync components Info Only Vista/Windows7 Site-License
about Read&Write Gold Info Only Vista/Windows7 Site-License
about VistaTN3270 1.8 MB Vista/Windows7 Install Notes  Site-License

Last updated July 9, 2015